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Electrolysis hair removal is a highly popular and proven method to remove excess hair on the face and body, even for red and gray hairs. While permanently removing white or light hairs with IPL/Laser can be challenging, electrolysis offers a great alternative. Electrolysis can achieve up to 80% permanent hair removal. Additionally, it is effective in treating skin irregularities such as couperose, spider naevi, and fibromas. Electrical coagulation is highly effective in treating couperose and benign skin fibromas. For advanced stages of rosacea, the red blood vessels are cauterized using small needles. The method is also used for treating milia, small white bumps often appearing under the eyes and near the cheekbones. These are sometimes caused by the use of skin medications. Milia is sometimes confused with boils but can be removed with this method.


treatment time Electrolysis hair removal for everyone

Safe and highly effective
Suitable for all skin types

For the first treatment, a free consultation is mandatory. Afterward, the practitioner will schedule follow-up appointments with you.


15 Min






Electric hair removal, or electrolysis, is a permanent hair removal method that uses low-level electrical current pulses. A sterile needle is inserted next to the hair follicle. The blood supply to the hair follicle is destroyed through electrical pulses, along with the hair follicle itself. The practitioner then removes the hair with tweezers.
Electrolysis can be done consecutively in a series, either weekly or every two weeks. The practitioner will discuss possible appointment dates with you.
Facial electrolysis hair removal takes 30 minutes per treatment. The practitioner assesses the frequency of electrolysis based on skin type, hair color, and hair thickness. A series of treatments is often recommended. For laser hair removal, treatments are typically done every week or two weeks as part of a course that may last for months to even 1-2 years.
To achieve the best possible result, we ask you to follow the care instructions. The care instructions apply before, during, and after the hair removal treatment. The instructions for electrolysis treatment include guidelines for your skin and hair conditions, aiming for optimal results. Here are some instructions: – Drink sufficient water (1.5 to 2 liters) per day to flush out toxins. – Use the recommended products after the electrolysis treatment for optimal results. – Apply a protective, nourishing (factor 30 to 50) sunscreen.
Electrolysis or hair removal on the face can result in a reduction of up to 80% or complete disappearance of the hair. The outcome is the destruction of unwanted facial hair. This method of electrolysis is a highly effective treatment to get rid of unwanted facial hair.
Facial electrolysis hair removal can be perceived as painful by some. During the consultation, the practitioner performs a test shot to determine your pain threshold, and the settings of the hair removal device are adjusted accordingly. This method of hair removal has proven itself over the years. It is often recommended after undergoing laser hair removal when there are still some unwanted hairs remaining. Additionally, individuals with light blonde, gray, or reddish hair may experience less optimal results with laser treatment, making electrolysis the preferred choice for facial hair removal.
Electrolysis for facial hair removal has several benefits. One of the significant advantages is that you experience almost no skin irritations with electrolysis. The skin is not irritated by factors like ingrown hairs.
Electrolysis hair removal is effective for removing unwanted hair on both the face and body.

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